Fall 2018

Fall is finally here and thankfully those hot temperatures are coming down!  Now is the time to think about personal photo shoots.  Perhaps business headshots or group staff shots.  Family photo sessions outside are always fun!  Maternity photo shoots, engagements, and graduation sessions.  Contact Volo Photo for a session this season and make memories that will be forever memorialized in time.

Summer 2018

As of early June, Arizona already reached the 110-degree temperature mark… things are definitely heating up early on for the summer!  The real estate market in Arizona has also been hot!  Properties are moving fast and Arizona continues to be among one of the lowest-priced states when it comes to real estate.  Why?  Affordable housing, nine months of beautiful sun-shiny comfortable weather!  Sure, we have three months of extreme heat, but as long as you have your air conditioning, you’re good!  The A/C is pretty much a standard accommodation here in Arizona.  If you’re involved with real estate (residential, commercial, rentals, etc.) please reach out to Volo Photo for your photography needs.  Having a professional photographer and/or videographer will make quite a difference when it comes to marketing your property to the masses!  We promise to take better photos than you with your iPhone!  

Spring-ing into Action

Spring started and another Easter flew by… into the season we go, full steam!  Business for Volo Photo, LLC has been extremely busy, especially for the real estate industry!  It seems that Arizona is the place to be for the real estate market… sunny weather almost year-round and great prices (among some of the lowest in the nation) for new and older homes — it attracts homebuyers from all over!  Realtors have been busy getting new listings up on the MLS and of course to keep these fresh-on-the-market homes standing out among the masses, they hire professional photographers. Smart move.  Cell phone pictures just don’t cut it in comparison…  A professional photographer will get great angles, use wider-angle lenses to capture more area, and rooms that are perhaps darker-colored can seen easier in pictures with the help of a knowledgeable photographer and possibly a little lighting enhancement (in post-production).  As always, contact Volo Photo with any photography or smaller-scale video needs… whether it’s for real estate, events, or general photo sessions!  elvolo@outlook.com


2018 may just be getting started, but I already know it will be a great one for Volo Photo, LLC! Starting off the top of the year with a photo shoot with this nice couple, they brought their suped-up Chevy Camaro for an added touch, looking like something for the next Fast & Furious movie!  As always, please contact Volo Photo for your photography and videography needs, whether it’s for real estate, events, or just general photo / video sessions. Happy New Year!

A New Era

Hello All,

I have been extremely busy… with work as usual — which is great — but also in my personal life. Sometimes challenges are presented to you without notice and you have no choice but to take them head-on!  What a crazy summer!  Now that the fall season has started, I have an even better outlook on how Volo Photo will continue to grow and improve.  It is an exciting time and I look forward to seeing how the rest of the year pans out.  2018 will prove to be an even better year, I know it!  I thank the Volo Photo clients, both the regulars and the newbies.  Your choice to hire Volo Photo (for your photography and videography needs for real estate purposes, events, weddings, and family sessions) is what keeps the business alive and thriving… thank you!

Photo: Business headshot session for client, Kem

The Heat is On!

Rosa & Isaac entrusted Volo Photo to do capture the time leading up to their wedding, as well as the actual wedding ceremony itself… all the way down in the heart of Mexico: the eye-catching city of Guanajuato. The newlyweds were surrounded by friends and family, coming from various parts of Mexico and the United States. The city provided the perfect backdrops with colorful and historical colonial-style buildings.  As you will see, the cameras follow around the couple as they experience the moments that will turn into the memories of a lifetime.  Thank you for hiring Volo Photo!

Feels Like Summer

It’s early May and the temps are already hitting 100 degrees!  Feels like the summer season is starting a little early in the southwest. Nonetheless, the photography services needed from Volo Photo, LLC has not slowed down at all!  Three weddings within one month, numerous graduation-themed photo sessions, family sitting sessions, and quite a plethora of real estate photography shoots have kept us on our toes!  Make sure to contact us in regards to a session as soon as possible to get scheduled!  Stay cool and hydrated out there!

Spring Almost Here

Spring is around the corner! That means it’s time to start thinking about a photographer for your upcoming graduation-styled photo session.  Pregnant and need maternity photos to remember this special time?  Or, maybe you have an upcoming wedding and still need to book a photographer.  Contact Volo Photo, LLC today…  We’re reliable, easy to work with, and our turnaround time on your important photos are faster than the competition!  We’re licensed, insured, and have almost 20 years of photography experience.

New Year, New Beginnings

We’re now back on top of a new year and the outlook for the coming months looks great!  Still photographing and doing video for all subjects, from family sittings and weddings, to real estate related subjects.  Volo Photo, LLC is staying very busy and although the company is licensed in the state of Arizona, any location around the globe is possible!  Hope to service you for photo session or event soon!