Spring-ing into Action

Spring started and another Easter flew by… into the season we go, full steam!  Business for Volo Photo, LLC has been extremely busy, especially for the real estate industry!  It seems that Arizona is the place to be for the real estate market… sunny weather almost year-round and great prices (among some of the lowest in the nation) for new and older homes — it attracts homebuyers from all over!  Realtors have been busy getting new listings up on the MLS and of course to keep these fresh-on-the-market homes standing out among the masses, they hire professional photographers. Smart move.  Cell phone pictures just don’t cut it in comparison…  A professional photographer will get great angles, use wider-angle lenses to capture more area, and rooms that are perhaps darker-colored can seen easier in pictures with the help of a knowledgeable photographer and possibly a little lighting enhancement (in post-production).  As always, contact Volo Photo with any photography or smaller-scale video needs… whether it’s for real estate, events, or general photo sessions!  elvolo@outlook.com