New Volo Video Highlights Rebate

Hello Everybody,

I hope your summer is going great!  All is well here and things have not slowed down much despite the numerous days well over 100 degrees here in Arizona!  My latest project was a quick FYI video shot a few days ago for KD Realty (located in the city of Chandler). Cory, one of the real estate agents out of the KD office wanted to let homebuyers know about a $3,000 rebate they’re offering those interested in buying a brand new house. KD Realty contacted Volo Photography to get the video shot and edited quickly.  They will now be using the video for their online marketing strategies, posting this clip on their website and/or social media sites to help answer questions homebuyers may have.  The rebate almost seems too good to be true and homebuyers may be leary of a possible “catch”.


Hot Wedding in June

Typically, June is a slower month because of the hot weather. Well that doesn’t appear to be the case for 2016!  This month has been staying pretty steady for Volo Photography, shooting a healthy stream of real estate properties, family sittings, headshots, and weddings.  For a price quote on your photography needs, please contact me for rates!

Real Estate Video Excerpt

Yesterday, I shot another video for a real estate agent on a home that is located in a suburb south of Phoenix, Arizona. This is a one-minute excerpt from the full 4-minute video.  I do ask the agents (who hire me to shoot the videos on the properties they represent) what kind of music they’d like over final edit.  Some choose country, some classical, some more hip uplifting music, and some choose other types of music genres.  Either way, visually speaking, the videos provide a great alternative to regular still photos and give the viewer a better idea of how a home looks and how its floorplan is laid out.

Another Wedding for 2016

Another wedding was shot by Volo Photography last weekend, this time for a young couple living in a Phoenix, Arizona suburb… Another photographer, Stefanie Rodriguez, accompanied me and together we were able to get some wonderful shots of the newlyweds!  The weather was partly cloudy, but it was very windy.  Being in the desert, there were some bouts of dust, which was no fun for the eyes (or for the camera equipment).  Fortunately, everything worked out just fine and everyone was happy and in good spirits.  If you have an upcoming wedding or another event you will need photography for, please contact me.  Just let me know the location and the amount of time you’ll need me there and I will work up a price estimate for you.  Thank you!

A Property for the Zombie Apocalypse

One of the most interesting real estate videos I was hired to shoot was this property in a remote desert location of Arizona. This partial video clip shows some of the home’s exterior surroundings. The desolate property is gated and the home is very well secured, keeping any potential zombies or predators out after a dreaded apocalypse! There may (or may not) be a hidden underground shelter too, but that will be confirmed by the seller in person! The home is totally self-sufficient, using a well for water and using a complex energy system of windmill, battery, and solar power. The 10-acre property is off the grid and is perfect for a doomsday prepper. Priced at $425K.

Casa Grande

One of the latest realty videos showcases a beautiful estate in Casa Grande, Arizona. Shot by, this home has a south-of-the-border style on the outside, numerous walkways around the property enormous property, a swimming pool, and an old western theme on the inside.


Working on improving my cinematography and color grading skills… This footage (shot by me) is the beginning of a larger project! Stay tuned!  Watch in 1080 mode for best viewing results. Think along the lines of the movie Se7en or The Cell…